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Allows a remote system to request the configured parameters on an existing DebiCheck authentication template set up in the Netcash system.

Technical Information

RequestPresentatioDebiCheckAuthenticationCurrentStatus is an online, synchronous web service that returns the current status for a given Contract reference.

From your application call:


Service Method Parameters
NIWS/niws_nif.svc DebiCheckRetrieveMandateTemplateDetail Debit Order Service Key
DebiCheck Template ID

Call this method for
Debi Check Mandate Template:

Key Field name Mandatory Type
242 DebiCheck mandate template ID AN ID of pre-defined DebiCheck mandate template EG: NCDCT000000001


XML Request



XML Response

      <DebitValueType>USAGE BASED</DebitValueType>
      <DebtorAuthCode>Batch (TT2)</DebtorAuthCode>
      <InitiationDayOptions attr0="StringArray" isNull="false">
      <TemplateName>DC Auth live test Usag</TemplateName>
      <TrackingDayCode>01 Day tracking</TrackingDayCode>



  • Adjustment amount
  • Adjustment category
  • Adjustment rule indicator
  • Adjustment type
  • Authentication type
  • Collection frequency
  • Collection frequency day code (see codes here)
  • Debit entry class code
  • Debit value type
  • Debtor auth code (TT2 | TT1 )
  • Debtor authentication required
  • Initiation day options array
  • Instalment occurrence
  • RMS (Yes/No)
  • Template Id
  • Template name
  • Tracking day code
  • Tracking indicator
  • Error code

Error Codes:

Code Description
100 Authentication
202 Item Not Found
200 General
000 Success

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