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DebiCheck TT1 synchronous is a web service that allows a remote system to submit a real-time DebiCheck authentication request to a recipient’s bank account.

Please note: Registered Mandate Services (RMS) is not available for TT1 DebiCheck Debit Orders

Technical Information

From your application call:

  • Web service
  • Method: DebiCheckAuthenticate
  • Service key: Debit order service key
  • Timeout: Minimum timeout of 3 minutes. Please ensure that the client being used to invoke the webservice, is configured correctly in terms of timeout duration as well.


Submit the following parameters.

Field Description
ServiceKey Debit order service key issued by Netcash
AccountReference Account reference
DebiCheckMandateTemplateId DebiCheck authentication template identifier (EG: NCDCT000000001)

0 = Passport or Business Registration number

1 = South African ID number

DebtorIdentification Account holder identification number (ID/Passport number)
AccountName Masterfile account name
BankAccountName Account holders bank account name
BranchCode Account holders branch code
BankAccountNumber Account holders bank account number
BankAccountType Account holders bank account type
MobileNumber Account holders mobile number
EmailAddress Account holders email address
CollectionAmount Amount to be collected (Decimal EG: 10.00)

0 = No

1 = Yes (First collection amount differs from the contract amount)

FirstCollectionAmount Amount to be collected in first collection (Decimal EG: 10.00)
FirstCollectionDate Date of collection (CCYYMMDD EG 20221207)
CollectionDayCode Collection day code *See codes here


The service responds with 000 if the authentication request to the account was successful or with one of the error codes listed below:

Numeric Response Description


Authentication request has successfully been submitted to bank


Authentication failed. Invalid service key


General service error. Contact support




Non real time debi check template

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