Response codes

The Netcash web service returns a 3-digit numeric response code for each instruction it receives. Below is a list of potential response codes you can expect.


Applicable to the following Web Services


niws_partner service uses SOAP 1.2. with WS-* addressing. See example

Error Code Error Name
000 Success
001 PassedValidation
100 Authentication
101 DateFormat
102 InvalidDate
103 InvalidAmount
103 SoftwareVendorKeyInvalid
104 MerchantCodeInactiveOrInvalid
105 ServiceIdInactiveOrInvalid
106 IncorrectServiceKeyOrInactive
201 AccountLocked
202 ItemNotFound
203 Failed
204 InvalidPostBackType
300 AccountNotFound
301 DuplicateMerchantReference
311 ServiceKeyNotValidForService
316 ComplianceProcessIncomplete
317 BactchGUIDInvalid
318 BatchAuthLineLimitExceeded
319 BatchAuthDailyLimitExceeded
320 BatchAuthBatchLimitExceeded
321 BatchAuthRMSNotAllowed
322 AutoAuthNotAllowed
323 InsufficientFundsAvailable
326 InvalidDebiCheckContractReference
327 InvalidDebiCheckCancellationReasonCode
328 AVSSentToBankOffline
329 DebiCheckAmendmentRejected

Applicable to the following Web Services

Pay Now

Error Code Error Name
202 ItemNotFound
203 Failed
301 DuplicateMerchantReference
311 MerchantReferenceNotFound
312 SubscriptionNotFound
324 InvalidMerchantDescription
330 Duplicate

Netcash brand guidelines

Please refer to the Netcash brand guidelines here when using any logos, images, icons, labels, descriptions, and references to Netcash in your software.


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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