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The DebiCheck Trace web service method allows a remote system to trace the status of a DebiCheck Authentication.
The remote system submits the Authentication contract reference, and the service returns the current status of the authentication.

This web service method relates to the Debit Order service only.

Technical Information

RequestPresentatioDebiCheckAuthenticationCurrentStatus is an online, synchronous web service that returns the current status for a given Contract reference.

From your application call:


Submit the following parameters.

Field Description
Service key Debit Order service key issued by Netcash
ContractReference The unique contract reference for the authentication (Format is NC000000000000)



The service returns a response containing the result and any error code:

Response Description
CancellationReason Reason for cancellation or NULL
ContractReference Contract reference submitted in the request
DateCancelled CCYYMMDD or NULL
Status The current status of the authentication
UpdateDate Date of the latest update to the authentication
Error code See table below


Error Codes

Numeric Response Description
100 Authentication failed
202 Contract reference not found


      <CancellationReason isNull="true" />
      <DateCancelled isNull="true" />


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