Netcash offers several services that will allow you to receive money into your netcash account. The sections below explain how to implement these services.

Adhere to the Netcash brand guidelines when developing.

Debit Orders are a method of collecting money from a bank account with the express permission of the account holder. They are most commonly used to collect monthly subscriptions, premiums or repayments. Netcash offers a complete Debit Order Collection system, enabling you to collect recurring payments from your customers without the hassle or time-consuming admin.

Follow the Netcash Statement reconciliation methodology to reconcile transactions.

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DebiCheck is a preferential debit order system requiring the bank account holder to give specific electronic permission (via their bank) prior to any debit order being processed. It does not replace Same-day and Dated debit orders but can be used as an alternative. By using DebiCheck you can obtain authentication, benefit from preferential presentation of the debit and track the bank account over a selected period.

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Pay Now is a service that allows for the generation of payment options on documents( eg. Invoice, Statement, Quotation)  or membership cards, counter displays or Point of Sale media where payment options are required as well as eCommerce and retail payments.

Pay Now has the following sub categories:

  1. Billing
  2. eCommerce Gateway
  3. Subscription Billing & Split Payments
  4. Scan to Pay

Follow the Netcash Statement reconcilliation methodology to reconcile transactions.

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Netcash offers optional value added services which will compliment this integration section.

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Netcash brand guidelines

Please refer to the Netcash brand guidelines here when using any logos, images, icons, labels, descriptions, and references to Netcash in your software.


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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