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Netcash offers a web service called ‘NIWS_NIF’ used to send batched Debit Order files to a Netcash account and then the National Payment System.

Netcash also offers our Merchants the ability to accept multiple payment methods from their customers. This service is known as Netcash – Pay Now.
It is divided into Pay Now Quotation/Invoice/Statement – which is a ‘document presentation‘ mechanism which allows our merchants to display multiple inbound payment mechanisms onany documents generated by their respective system/s.

Netcash also offers Pay Now eCommerce which is an online payment gateway. The Netcash Merchant does not have to acquire PCI Compliance -or supply an SSL Certificate to make use of the Gateway. Ask your Netcash Payment Advisor for more information in this regard.


Suggested Integration Process Flow

We highly recommend that you download the suggested API integration process flow document and keep it on hand while you develop.

Kindly adhere to the Netcash brand guidelines when developing.


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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