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Pay Now UpdateSubscriptions is an online, synchronous web service allowing an external system to update the parameters of an existing subscription instruction and receive an immediate response. A single request per web service call is permitted.


Web Service Methods

The list of Netcash web service methods can be found here

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides will help you understand this service and get you started

Programmers Guide

Please download the suggested API integration process flow document and use it as a reference when developing.

Kindly adhere to the Netcash brand guidelines when developing when developing


From your application call:

Field Explanation
M1 Pay Now Service Key
P2 Unique reference of the original invoice
M17 Subscription cycle – number of subscription payments to be made
Must be > 0

Subscription frequency

1 Monthly
2 Weekly
3 Bi-weekly
4 Quarterly
5 Six monthly
6 Annually

M19 Subscription start date CCYYMMDD
M20 Subscription recurring amount
Must be > 0
Active True/False


The service will return one of the following codes.


Numeric Response Description
000 Success
100 Authentication failed. Ensure that the service key in the method call is correct
200 Web service error contact
311 Merchant reference not found. Ensure that the value in P2 refers to an existing subscription
313 Invalid frequency. Ensure that M18 contains one of the permitted values
314 Invalid number of cycles. M17 must be greater than 0
315 Invalid subscription start date. Format is CCYYMMDD


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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