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Netcash Web Service Methods

The Netcash API makes use of web services are WCF Soap based web services. Please familiarize yourself with the use of WCF Soap based web services before you attempt to use the Netcash API.

To start, refer our Programmers Guide for more detail on how to apply the required methodology. Please ensure that the Settings for Developers are correctly set before you proceed with the integration.

The following list details the methods that ISV’s can use in order to obtain or send information securely using the Netcash Web Service

The web service error codes can be located here

RequestPayNowInvoiceReturns the Pay Now invoice detail for the batch submitted.

Method Description
BatchFileUpload Send a batch for processing
CD11 Request* a credit check TransUnion
CD12 Request* a credit check Experian
CD13 Request* a credit check XDS
CD14 Request* a ID verification in PDF format
CD16 Request* a mini company report
CD23 Request* a businesses linked to consumer
CD32 Request* a CIPC business report
CD37 Request* an ID verification in XML format
CD31 Request* a CIPC business report with principal clearance
*usage of any “CD” inquiries requires a signed disclaimer. It is highly advisable to implement NetAccess for all risk related inquiries.
DatedPayments Process a dated creditor payment batch
DatedSalaries Process a dated salary payment batch
GetBankList Returns a list of supported bank names
GetBankListWithDefaultBranchCode Returns a list of supported banks, including default branch codes if the bank has one
GetBranchList Returns a list of branches for a specified bank and branch name
GetBranchListBySuburb Returns a list of supported banks, listed by area
Invoice Process a Pay Now invoice
IsValidServiceKey Validates the service key input
MandateToMasterfile Update Debit order Master file with mandate data
PaySalaries Process a same day salary payment batch
Realtime Process a same day creditor payment batch
ReleaseFunds This method is an online, synchronous web service that allows an external system to request a payment from the merchant’s Netcash account into the bank account configured against the merchant account.
ReleaseFunds Payment Request from merchant’s Netcash account into the bank account configured against the merchant account
RequestActionDate This method allows clients to submit an action date and we will tell them whether it is valid for the service that they are submitting or advise the next valid action date.
RequestAVSReport Returns the Base64 encoded PDF Account verification report for the batch submitted.
RequestBatchAuthorise It allows a client to authorize batches automatically (auto-auth).
RequestCombinedUploadReportForDate It allows you to extract all the load reports relating to a specified service key for a specified date.
RequestCreditDataReport Returns the Base64 encoded PDF Risk report for the batch submitted.
RequestDebitBatchUnauthorised Request all unauthorized batches uploaded for a specified Debit Order service key and receive an immediate response.
RequestFileUploadReport This service returns the load report for the batch submitted. Load reports contain the result of the validation on the batch file upload and indicate whether successful or unsuccessful.
RequestInterimMerchantStatement It allows you to obtain up to date statement information without having to wait for the daily statement the next day. Great for Pay Now transactions that happen at any time. Available every 15 minutes.
RequestMandatePDF Request debit order mandate in .pdf format
RetrieveMandatePDF Obtain debit order mandate in .pdf format
RequestMerchantStatement Requests a full statement from Netcash containing details of all transactions for a specific date (usually the previous day). Note: specific date and not a date range.
RequestMandateData Requests mandate date from the system.
RetrieveMandateData Allow an external system to download a file of all mandates currently in the system.
RequestTransactionTypes Allows you to request a list of all transaction types that can appear on the Netcash statement Ð these are used for reconciling by service and are powerful when read together with extra fields (3).
SameDay Process a same-day debit order collection batch
TwoDay Process a dated debit order collection batch
Update Update a Masterfile
ValidateAccount Validate a bank account
ValidateBankAccount Allows a remote system to check a bank account number, branch code, and account type.
ValidateBranchCode Allows a remote system to check a bank branch code
ValidateID Request validation of a SA ID number

The web service error codes can be located here

Netcash Glossary

Refer to the glossary for terminology used by Netcash in our Technical Documentation


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

Netcash may provide example/sample/demo ‘code snippets’ and/or external links in this Technical Document. Such are for guidance purposes only and may not function on every developer’s system/s. Netcash disclaims any and all liability for the usage of guidance resources provided -and you as the Developer; must accept full responsibility for the usage of such. While every possible effort has been taken to ensure compatibility across multiple system configurations, the contents of this document cannot be guaranteed to work on all systems, with all operating systems -and/or with all system configuration/s.

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