Request Presentation Date is a web service that allows a remote system to confirm the presentation date for a given Action date and service instruction.

The remote system submits the Action date on which the payment or debit is to be applied to the beneficiary or debtor, and the service returns the last possible date on which the batch needs to be authorised to meet the required Action date.

This service relates to the Debit order and Creditor payments services only (Salary and Creditor batches have the same cut-off times).

Alternatively, Request Action Date is a web service that allows a remote system to confirm the next available action date for a given service instruction.

Technical Information

RequestPresentationDate is an online, synchronous web service that returns the presentation date (the final date for authorisation) for a given action date according to the service instruction parameters.

From your application call:


Submit the following parameters.

Field Description
Service key

Debit order service key for TwoDay, Sameday, etc.

Creditors service key for Realtime, DatedPayments, etc.

Date The proposed action date. Format CCYYMMDD
Instruction The type of batch to be loaded EG: TwoDay – see instructions below
ForwardActionDate 0 – Check only the date supplied
1 – Return the next valid action date


Service Instruction
Debit orders TwoDay
Creditors Realtime


The service responds with a valid Action date in the format CCYYMMDD.
Any errors are reported as error codes:

Numeric Response Description
100 Authentication failed
200 Action date or input parameters invalid


The current date is 20190521.
The following parameters are submitted:


Debit order service key,




Response; 20190524 (the next available valid action date for two day debit batches)

If ForwardActionDate is not requested:


Debit order service key,




Response; 200 (20190521 is no longer a valid action date for two day debit batches)

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