GetPaymentLimits is an online, synchronous web service method that allows an external system to request the current Payment line and batch limits configured against the client’s Netcash account.

The GetDebitLimits method is similar but returns the current Debit order line and daily limits.

The Service key submitted determines the service limits returned.

Technical Information

From your application call:

  • Web service: https://ws.netcash.co.za/NIWS/NIWS_NIF.svc
  • Method:
    Method name Usage
    GetPaymentLimits Returns the line and batch limits for Creditors or Salaries depending on the service key submitted
    GetDebitLimits Returns the line and daily limits for Debit orders
  • Service key: Salary/Creditor/Debit Order service key


Submit the following parameters.


Field Description
Service key Salary/Creditor/Debit Order service key issued by Netcash


The response is returned as XML

The limits returned in the response are determined by the service key submitted

Salary payments service key will return the limits for salary batches

Creditor payments service key will return the limits for creditor batches


  <LineLimit>{numeric 11}</LineLimit>
  <BatchLimit>{numeric 11}</BatchLimit>undefined</ Limits >undefined<Errors>

List of posible error codes:

100 – Authentication failed
200 – Web service error contact support@netcash.co.za
300 – The service key supplied is not supported by this service

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