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Pay Now Solutions


With our Pay Now Solutions, you can offer your clients a choice of quick, convenient, at-a-click payment methods. This will help you to get paid faster, improve cash flow and reduce admin. When paying is this easy, you don’t need to ask twice.

Pay Now is a web service that allows a user to generate payment options on an Invoice/Statement/Quotation or even a membership card, counter display or virtually any other place where payment options can be supplied. See demo here(Click the buttons at the bottom to simulate the process). For this the Developer will use PayNow.svc with method CreateInvoice (for single invoices).

Any software that allows for the printing of invoices, statements and/or quotations that one would like to be paid through the Pay Now service should use this method. If you have multiple invoices/statements/quotations that you would like generated with the payment options on any document, please use the batch file upload service to do this same task.

The Pay Now service can also be used to create payment requests which are sent to end-users via SMS and/or email from the Netcash system. Please see Pay Now Payment Request or allow secure online payments and/or donations with Pay Now eCommerce, directly from your website or mobile app.

Suggested Integration Process Flow

We highly recommend that you download the suggested API integration process flow document and keep it on hand while you develop.

Kindly adhere to the Netcash brand guidelines when developing.

Select the Pay Now service API you would like to integrate


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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