Pay Now is a web service that allows for the generation of payment options on documents( eg. Invoice, Statement, Quotation)  or membership cards, counter displays or any media where payment options are required. See the demo here. (Click the options at the bottom to simulate the process).

PayNow.svc will be used with method CreateInvoice (for single invoices).  It is aimed at software that allows for the printing of invoices, statements or quotations that would like to utilize the Pay Now service. Should you have multiple invoices/statements/quotations that you would like generated with payment options please use the batch file upload service.

The Pay Now service can also be used to create payment requests which are sent to payers via SMS or email by Netcash. Please see Payment Request detail below or read more here

With our Billing solutions, you can offer your clients a choice of convenient, at-a-click payment methods. This will help you to get paid faster, improve cash flow and reduce admin. When paying is this easy, you don’t have to ask twice.

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Simply request a payment from anyone with a smartphone, email address or follow up on your unpaid debit orders. Payment Request enables you to accept online payments via our secure link sent in an SMS or email.

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QR (Quick Response) allows contactless payment to be made directly to your Netcash account by scanning a static code that is displayed at your business or on your smartphone. Confirmation of payment is sent to you via email / SMS.

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Selling online is made simple because your Netcash account is already integrated into a number of free shopping cart plugins that can be downloaded from our website. We also support customized integration.

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See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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