Netcash offers a web service called Automatic Authorise Batch Web Service which allows a remote system to authorize batches loaded to the Netcash system without manual intervention. This service is only available on request and requires the signature of an indemnity by the Netcash Account signatories.

The batch authorization methods relate to the Debit Order, Creditor -and Salary Payments services.
The service key supplied by the remote system will determine the type of batch to be authorized.

Application to use the Netcash Automatic Batch Authorisation Service

Please complete the form below to apply for usage of this service.

We will contact you once the application has been processed.

IMPORTANT: Authorization forms an integral part of the security process for ensuring that the data being processed is correct, that processing may take place on a given date -and acts as acceptance of any and all liability in the event of any errors/disputes. Refer to the signed and accepted Netcash merchant agreement/s.
By using the automatic authorise batch web service the Netcash account holder’s signatories agrees to take unequivocal -and personal responsibility/liability for any and all disputes and/or errors that may occur. The signatories on the Netcash account therefore explicitly agree that all data being automatically authorised is done so with the proper, valid instruction/authorisation from the respective debtor/s and/or Netcash merchant, is in place.
All the signatories on the Netcash account shall be personally liable for any and all claims, and damages of any type including but not limited to any lost profits, lost savings, loss of anticipated benefits and/or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of Netcash’s automated authorise batch web service.
A formal indemnity the Netcash Risk & Compliance department will supply, is to be signed by all the Netcash account signatories before access can be granted to this service.
More details will follow after the application has been processed by the Netcash Risk & Compliance department.

Please note: Netcash reserves the right to deny access to this service based on the risk profile of the user.

Netcash brand guidelines

Please refer to the Netcash brand guidelines here when using any logos, images, icons, labels, descriptions, and references to Netcash in your software.


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