This is the Tokenization response page

These are the variables your system posted to the web service, which has now been returned.

This data is displayed as your postback URL in the NetConnector configuration has been set to the tokenization response test url.

Field Name: Alpha / Numeric / Boolean Data Received Description:
Successful B “1” means the tokenization was successful
“0” means the tokenization was unsuccessful
Token AN Credit Card Token
Credit Card Holder Name AN Credit Cardholder name
Credit Card Masked Number AN Masked Credit Card number
Credit Card Month N Credit Card expiry Month
Credit Card Year N Credit Card expiry Year
Extra1 AN Extra 1 field data sent when you made the request.
Extra2 AN Extra 2 field data sent when you made the request.
Extra3 AN Extra 3 field data sent when you made the request.

Netcash brand guidelines

Please refer to the Netcash brand guidelines here when using any logos, images, icons, labels, descriptions, and references to Netcash in your software.


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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