Netcash offers several services that will allow you to pay money from your netcash account. The sections below explain how to implement these services.

Adhere to the Netcash brand guidelines when developing.

Paying salaries each month should not bring additional pressure; when you pay employees using Netcash you can relax in knowing that everyone will get paid on time. Make single transaction or batch salary payments online to all South African banks.

Follow the Netcash Statement reconciliation methodology to reconcile transactions.

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Creditor payments often take up valuable time, become admin-intensive, and can increase risk in the day-today running of your business. When using Netcash you will increase efficiencies and make payments confidently.

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Netcash offers optional value added services which will compliment this integration section.

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See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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