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Netcash Web Service Error Codes

The Netcash API makes use of web services are WCF Soap based web services. Please familiarize yourself with the use of WCF Soap based web services before you attempt to use the Netcash API.

To start, refer our Programmers Guide  for more detail on how to apply the required methodology. Please ensure that the Settings for Developers are correctly set before you proceed with the integration.

The following list details the possible error codes and their descriptions which ISV’s could potentially receive when using the Netcash Web Service

0 – Bank account/ID details valid
001 – Authenticated / Validated
1 – Id number too long/Invalid branch code
100 – Authentication failed
101 – Date format error. If the string contains a date it should be in the format CCYYMMDD
101 – FAILURE – The date format supplied is invalid
102 – Parameter error. One or more of the parameters in the string is incorrect
103 – FAILURE – Invalid amount supplied/Invalid Software vendor key
104 – No active client found for this Account number
105 – No active service found for this Account number/ServiceId combination
106 – No active service key found for this Account number/ServiceId /Service key combination
2 – ID/Account number failed check digit validation
200 – General/Web Service error – contact Netcash support
201 – Account locked out
3 – Invalid ID/account type
300 – Account not found
300 – The service key supplied is not supported by this service
311 – Service key not valid for this service
316 – Account is not compliant
317 – Account does not match Batch
4 – Input data incorrect
FILE NOT READY – The requested statement has not yet been created. Retry later.
NO CHANGE – No new transactions are available for download
OTHER – code not in list

Web Service Error Code Assistance Request

Please request infor regarding -or report a fauly/missing error code below.

Netcash Glossary

Refer to the glossary for terminology used by Netcash in our Technical Documentation


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

Netcash may provide example/sample/demo ‘code snippets’ and/or external links in this Technical Document. Such are for guidance purposes only and may not function on every developer’s system/s. Netcash disclaims any and all liability for the usage of guidance resources provided -and you as the Developer; must accept full responsibility for the usage of such. While every possible effort has been taken to ensure compatibility across multiple system configurations, the contents of this document cannot be guaranteed to work on all systems, with all operating systems -and/or with all system configuration/s.

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