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Outbound Payments


Netcash offers a web service called ‘NIWS_NIF’ used to send batched outbound Payment files to a Netcash account and then to the National Payment System. Netcash’s outbound payments are similar to internet banking payments with the added benefit of

  • faster clearing times – all Netcash payments clear at midnight of the action date. Thus, no interbank waiting time as all beneficiaries are paid simultaneously; irrespective of bank, branch -or account type.
  • reduced -and fixed transaction charges – Netcash’ payments are billed at one (1) fixed transaction charge irrespective of bank, branch or account type unlike most commercial banks do.

Contact your Netcash Payments Advisor for more information.

Suggested Integration Process Flow


See Testing section for more details. If you require any integration assistance contact our technical support team

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